Bangor LTC has been in existence for over 100 years and its inaugural meeting was held on 21st December 1899 in Ward Hall where Rev TG Forsythe, one of three clergymen among the founding members, formally proposed the establishment of a club.

The Club was originally located on Downshire Road and quickly drew support from local residents. In fact even today some people still refer to us as Downshire even though we moved to our present location in Farnham Park shortly after the First World War.

When looking for information on the history of Bangor LTC the best place to start is the minutes of Committee Meetings as well as the Clubs history the minutes also reflect the events of the time:

1901 – At the second Annual Meeting Club Members marked the death of Queen Victoria.

1906 – A trophy was presented to the Club by Officers of HMS Cornwall in recognition of the hospitality shown to them by Members of the Club. The trophy, the Officers insisted was to be used for a Ladies competition. Well, you know what they say “All the nice girls love a sailor!!”

1918 – The minutes reflect the relief following the end of the First World War and the sadness that nine Members had been killed in the conflict.

1946 – Amplifying equipment bought for use at the Saturday night dances – Bangor’s first disco!!

1951 – Special permit obtained to purchase an amount of rationed goods for catering at events during the winter.

1999 – BLTC opens a new Clubhouse and celebrates its 100th year.

Over the years Bangor LTC has had to battle with a growing number of other attractions and distractions for peoples’ time but has always been kept alive by groups of stalwart members whose hard work and effort ensure the continued survival and development of the Club.